Wednesday, September 15, 2004

"High - Tech Market Has Lost 400, 000 Jobs" (NYT)

Interesting article today from the Associated Press in the NYT:

The U.S. information tech sector lost 403,300 jobs between March 2001 and this past April, and the market for tech workers remains bleak, according to a new report.

Perhaps more surprising, just over half of those jobs -- 206,300 -- were lost after experts declared the recession over in November 2001, say the researchers from the University of Illinois-Chicago.

In all, the researchers said, the job market for high-tech workers shrank by 18.8 percent, to 1,743,500 over the period studied. [...]

The report, funded by the Ford Foundation, was conducted for the Washington Alliance of Technology Workers, a Seattle organization that wants to unionize workers at Microsoft Corp. and other technology companies.

The New York Times > AP > Technology > High - Tech Market Has Lost 400, 000 Jobs:

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