Sunday, November 07, 2004

creative class

1. "Creativity," as Florida uses the term in his book, seems like an elusive label to me. While the trends that Florida bases his arguments on seem to be valid, it is unclear whether they are captured with or how they relate to the concept of creativity. In what ways is creativity linked to job growth as opposed to other factors like the urban/rural divide?

2. Although Florida briefly touches on housework and childcare (he even gives kudos to his maid!), he does not adequetely address how this type of invisible work fits into his hierarchy of the creative class. Does low paid childcare or unpaid housework have a place in his arguement?

3. On a note similar to Mary's question about privelige. Florida bases much of his arguement on statistics showing creative class workers are more concerned with job stimulation then with pay or benefits. With health care cost on the rise, pay and benefits are of growing concern for both lower and middle class workers. Is this a large hole in his arguement or is it not even necessary to address this discrepancy?

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