Sunday, October 31, 2004


1. Prasad discusses the issue of quality control. Has this focus transferred from actual products to the workers within the service sector? Prasad argues that customers' look to quality control for both distinction and assurance, is it possible for these properties be displayed in people, thus causing a change in the management's focus?

2.Both Prasad and Brynjolfsson/Hilt's article look at operational attempts to harness workers' knowledge/skill or IT benefits to best suit the company. Does the required input for IT differ from the steps necessary for quality control in terms of how it effects the workers?

3. All of the workers from these articles possessed qualities or work habits that were somehow unwieldy to management, requiring new strategies of work organization. All three articles discussed the different attempts of management to gain more control over quality, productivity and workers' knowledge. How is this idea similar to temp workers, when the individualized aspects of work are not viewed as advantageous to the company and instead become the focus of restructuring?

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