Friday, October 29, 2004

Questions, this week's trilogy

(Now, when's the Return of the King extended-edition DVD coming out again? Er, sorry.)

  1. How much "productivity gain," either historically or currently, is attributable to moving work further down the skills-and-pay chain? Brynjolfsson and Hitt paint this rosy picture of empowered workers doing better work -- but what happened to the workers at the one firm who resisted change? Demoted? Fired? Outsourced? What?

  2. Ahhhhh, management happy-talk. But seriously. Is it at least possible that the gains in "efficiency" realized by standards-and-TQM-implementing firms in India lead eventually to actual quality gains? I'm not sure there's been time enough for the changes to sink in (again, see Brynjolfsson and Hitt). I'm not wedded to this suggestion, mind you; I just don't think Prasad considered it adequately.

  3. Perhaps Greg would be willing to comment on how his experience speaks to Ensmenger's assertions about management and computer programmers?

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