Wednesday, October 27, 2004

11/1 discussion questions

1. I was fascinated to read Prasad's description of the "dark side" of TQM. We've been talking about it quite a bit in my management class (and taking a postive perspective), mainly as a customer-based, customer-driven process of analysis and evaluation that actually empowers staff to be decision-makers in their organization. So, does Prasad's view of quality management as driven more by cost-effectiveness than actual quality apply to the nonprofit sector as well? Or do the focus and mission of nonprofits make it a more benevolent management strategy in that context?

2. Ensmenger makes a convincing argument for fitting computer programmers into the realm of technicians; however, something about it didn't quite sit right with me. In what ways do programmers NOT fit into the role of technician? Are there other ways of classifying programmers that also work?

3. Brynjolfsson and Hitt make the observation that while purchasing technology is relatively cheap, managing organizational change is expensive. Considering points from the Ensmenger article, what are some ways that management and "technicians" can work together to make this process smoother?

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