Sunday, September 19, 2004

Post three: questions for discussion, 20 September

1. What is a "unit of analysis"? How is this concept relevant to terms as broad as "technology" or "information"? Is the notion of objective analysis useful for subjective, ideologically-driven, non-quantitative studies, or is this just a metaphor?

2. What are CERN and NCSA?

3. From Downey p. 235: Shoshana Zuboff says that IT produces a "voice" which changes the language of the workplace so that workers think and feel differently. Whose voice is it? Is it new information, or does it drown out the possibility of creating new information? And what about the workers' voice?

4. Since 2. is not really a discussion question: Downey p. 246: how might the corporate history of McDonald's help to predict the future of Wal-Mart?

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